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Well I guess that sampler is taking longer than expected to finish off!!!
I hope it will be done by tomorrow...
I have been so naughty!
I recently purchased this kit...
It looks fab and it was
calling for me in the shop
"Buy me, buy me"
Absolutely nothing to it,
it will be a piece of cake!!!
I mean I've never stitched on black canvas
but surely there's nothing special about it?
... It's just a different colour!
When will I ever find the time to start it??
| Happy Stitching! |

Le tableau prénom Boofle n'est pas encore terminé!
Je croise les doigts, qui sait demain peut être...
Allez, encore un autre achat!
Avouez-le ce kit est fantastique
et j'ai donc craqué... une fois de plus...
Broder sur de la toile noire?
Qui a dit que c'était difficile???
C'est simplement une couleur differente, non?!
Mais quand vais-je pouvoir le commencer??


  1. C'est très jolie, on dirait une page de scrap...
    Le commencer, ce n'est pas le plus......Le finir oui..... :)

  2. Hi Mii! Found you through crossstitchforum.com :)
    Stitching on black can be difficult as it strains the eye, and the holes can be hard to see. A really neat trick is to:
    a) lay a white towel on your lap to give it some contrast
    b) shine a lamp through your fabric from below
    Hope this helps!
    Au fait, française ou anglaise? Moi je suis française mais ça fait presque 12 ans que j'habite dans des pays anglophones, alors l'anglais m'est plus naturel que le français...

  3. Hi Maud!! Thank you for looking at my blog and thanks for the tip... I can't wait to start this kit but unfortunately I've got tooo many others to deal with first!!
    Française mais vie en UK depuis plus de 15 ans & comme toi l'Anglais me vient plus facilement que le Français. J'essaye tout de même de traduire un petit peu.
    Je viens de rendre visite sur ton blog, félicitation. Tu fais de très belles choses!! .... beaucoup de choses!

  4. Hi Mii, thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Now you had a question about the TUSAL jar, but I wasn't sure if you were asking about the actual jar or about TUSAL, so here is the answer to both:
    The jar was initially a container of horrible Tesco freeze-dried coffee (yuck!). After removing the label, I stuck a magnet inside the lid, on which I keep a couple needles and a thimble. Around the neck of the jar I wrapped my scissor pouch. This way wherever I go with my stitching I can just take the jar and I have all my stuff secure....
    As for TUSAL, it stands for Totally Useless Stitch A Long, it was started by Daffycat and you can find the info here: http://itsdaffycat.blogspot.ie/2011/11/totally-useless-stitch-long.html


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