Busy, busy, busy...

Where has the time gone?

I have been too busy running around,
sorting things out for my little boy!
(Back to school and back to a new season of rugby practice)
so this means the end of my lazy quiet Sunday mornings!

Le retour à l'école aini qu'au club de rugby la semaine prochaine
a fait que j'ai passé ma semaine à galoper!
Les dimanches matin tranquiles, c'est fini!! 

I just about managed to do a bit of cross stitch and
worked on my Mimi project.
The whole design is finally starting to take shape, don't you think?

I was also all geared up to go through my sewing machine's instructions
but once again had no chance to get round it.
Fingers crossed, maybe at the weekend!!!

Finally, I planned on working on my mini Christmas kits so
they can all be ready when the time comes to send the cards out
but again, that's another thing I had to put on hold

| Happy Stitching! |

J'ai tout de même réussi à travailler sur Mimi
Mon petit chaton prend forme tout doucement

Par contre je n'ai pas trouvé de temps libre pour
lire la notice d'utilisation de ma machine à coudre,
ainsi que de broder mes mini kits pour mes cartes de Noël...
Vivement le weekend!!


  1. This project looks lovely, pretty.

  2. You have new sewing machine-that is so cool!
    I get my machine two years ago and now I almost can sew
    a straigtht line :)
    I am really a bginner with sewing but I love to learn more !!

    So pretty Christmas kits,you will have so fun to stitch them.
    Lovely WIP !

  3. Thanks Lumiruusu! I can't wait to use my sewing machine... I'm just hoping it won't be a disaster as like you, I really have no experience at all!! ☺


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