Mimi's mini Update

Image: Mimi the Kitten from Helz Cuppleditch

Is it already time for a quick update?
I'm stitching as fast as I can,
with the little bit of free time that I've got!!
Mimi has pale colours, so I've decided to stich darker colours first to keep her clean
but her little bow is all done
| Happy Stitching! |

Serait-il déjà l'heure d'une petite mise à jour?
Je vais aussi vite que possible avec
le très peu de temps libre que j'ai!!


  1. Trop miminnes tes petites images qui illustrent ton blog......
    Bisous et bon WE

  2. You are making great progress. I think she is going to be very pretty.

  3. She's looking lovely so far!


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