My new toy!

Shopping yesterday was fun!
I stocked up on more little Christmas kits for all my cards
My husband also bought me my first ever sewing machine!!
As I am an absolute novice to this, 
it is not a top of the range one but should do me just fine
I have not "played" with it yet, as I still have the whole
user guide to go through first...
So, any tips and advice are welcome ☺

Voila ce qui arrive lorsque je fais les magasins!
Un petit stock de mini kits de Noël pour mes cartes
et ma première machine à coudre!
Je ne l'ai pas encore utilisée car étant donné que je ne
me suis jamais servie d'une telle chose,
je dois lire toutes les instructions avant...
Conseils et techniques sont les bienvenus
n'hésitez pas ☺

Once back at home, I managed to work on Puddles of Love
The stitching is nearly all done
I might work on it a bit more this morning
and then leave all the back stitching for later...
| Happy Stitching! |

J'ai aussi travaillé sur Puddles of Love
Les points de croix sont tous presques terminés
et il ne me restera que les contours et finition à faire plus tard...


  1. What a super gift from your husband, you'll have lots of fun with that super machine. Enjoy!

  2. What a great new toy! You know what for basic stuff you don't need top of the line! I can only imagine spending that kind of money if you sewed all the time!!!

    What lovely new kits and your WIP is cute!

  3. Gift really cute))
    And anime-girl very beautiful, I already finished the work) I'm happy))

  4. Hello

    Your Puddles of Love is looking so sweet!

    Great sewing machine and I love your little kits.

    Sally x


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