Picture making!

Picture: Seek It Out www.seekitout.co.uk

I thought I'd give a go at picture making
My kit, available at Seek It Out, contains:
Paper, fabric and various bits and bobs
The idea is to create this fun picture
Above is a photo of the kit I have got
I am going to try my best and with a bit of luck
I hope my creation will be just as nice!
Update will follow very soon...
| Happy Stitching!... and crafting! |

Picture: www.seekitout.co.uk

Je vais essayer ce nouveau kit de
réalisation d'une image
Mon kit, disponible chez Seek It Out, contient:
Papier, tissu et autres décorations
La photo ci-dessus est celle du kit que j'ai
Je croise les doigts et j'espère que la photo
de ma création sera aussi jolie!
Je vous tiens au courant...


  1. Hello

    That looks great, look forward to your update.


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