An other snowman...

I've just finished a little Christmas ornament I was working on
I know, it's another snowman!
He is such a cutie and ready for Christmas

Je viens tout just de terminer cette petite déco
Encore un autre bonhomme de neige!
Il est adorable et attend Noël avec impatience...

I also was lucky to finish work early today, so I had a bit of free time and
decided to play with my sewing machine
I made this little bag
The finish is still not perfect but I think I'm getting better
I've used a lovely cotton fabric from Ikea!!

J'ai eu de la chance de finir plus tôt aujourd'hui alors
j'en ai profité pour jouer avec ma machine!
J'ai fait ce petit sace
Il y a encore besoin d'affignolage sur la finition
mais je crois que je m'améliore ☺
J'ai utilisé du tissu fleuri de chez Ikea

| Happy Stitching! |


  1. Lovely snowmen and also a lovely bag

    Groetjes Lenie

  2. it is such a sweet ornament..
    happy stitching xx

  3. Es ideal para el árbol de navidad, me gusta.Saludos

  4. Hi

    Gorgeous snowman ornament, beautifully finished.
    Love your little bag too.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Your snowman is very lovely and your bag is very cute. Nice fabric.

  6. Very cute snowman - I know what you mean, I can't really resist Christmas charts either :P

  7. you snowman was already a great stitching, but you made a very lovely ornament
    very cute
    congrats on your little bag too ! very nice fabric
    I have to go to Ikea, never imagined they sell fabric =)

  8. Cute snowman! I love that bag you made too. Such pretty fabric!

  9. Hi Mii,thanks for stopping by and joining my blog and for your nice comments.
    Just joined your blog.
    Cute Snowman and little bag.Looks like you are getting used to your new sewing machine.

  10. A very cute snowman!:)
    Sewing is not my strengh either,but I am learning on my almost 100 years old Singer machine from my grandmother.:)

  11. What a cute ornament! What do you use to make such neat circles in felt?

    I don't think I should touch a sewing machine unless I'd like to be sewn to the fabric as well. ;) Your bag looks lovely!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I actually used the stuff from my copy of the mag I'll be giving away next week... ☺

  12. So cute snowman!
    Thanks for stopping by my little corner and leave me a comment.
    I enjoyed your blog very much & have become a follower :)

  13. The Snowman Ornament is cute and happy :9
    You have made a pretty little bag -I just love the fabric :)

  14. Oh how adorable. I know he will make such a great gift or to decorate the tree :)

  15. How adorable, I know he will make such a wonderful decoration for your home :)

  16. So cute snowman ornament! =)

    I have become a follower!

  17. I think I should start ornaments soon. I already feel behind in my Christmas stitching. lol

  18. Very cute snowman and nicely made bag :)


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