More free charts...

These 3 sweet charts are available for
download on DMC Thread ☺

Have you got yours??
 Click here to access!
 Ces trois grilles sont disponibles chez DMC
Utilisez le lien ci-dessus pour les imprimer!

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  1. The free charts are all three very beautifull :)

    Where do I find your e-mail?!
    If You wish to write me ,plase send an email to
    You are so sweet to ask If I would like the magazine you do not need anymore !
    Of course I would just love it !! :) :)
    With My best Greetings,
    Maija = Lumiruusu ( My nick name means The snow-rose.

    1. My email in on my profile on the right hand side ☺

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these... I just love the red poppy!!

  3. Hola! encantada de conocerte, gracias por visitar mi blog, me gusta mucho tu punto de cruz.Saludos desde España.

  4. Hello

    Just came across your lovely blog.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely charts, the Somebunny one is gorgeous.
    I love your Mimi wip it's just so sweet.
    Happy weekend.

  5. Thanks for the link - poppies are a favourite of mine :)


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