SAL | Sweet Treat | Update

It's time to share my progress on my first gingerbread man
I've started working on him Monday evening and this is how far I got...
I am hoping to finish him by Sunday evening!
Fingers crossed - especially with Downton Abbey back on TV!☺
I've also received the little buttons for the decoration
I decided to go for the more Christmassy look &
got some cute candy cane and sock buttons
Although have not yet received the sock ones because
they are currently out of stock! So, I will show them
to you when they have all been despatched!!
I think once finished, they'll look even cuter!!
Well, off to the lovely Welsh countryside to visit my sister in law
So I guess there won't be much cross stitch done today
| Happy Stitching! |

C'est l'heure de partager mes progrès sur le
SAL Sweet Treats que j'ai décidé de joindre
Voila mon premier petit bonhomme que j'ai commencé lundi soir
J'espère le terminer dimanche, on croise les doigts!
J'ai aussi recu les petits boutons déco qui sont plus sur le thème
de Noël mais comme quelques un sont en rupture de stock
j'attend d'avoir tout recu pour vous les montrer...
Maintenant en route pour le Pays de Galles chez ma belle soeur,
je crois qu'il n'y aura pas beaucoup de petites croix de broder aujourd'hui ☺
A demain pour l'annonce du gagnant du magazine spécial Noël!


  1. It is coming along so beautifully! And I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Happy stitching :)

    1. Thanks Nurdan! I've finished it quite late Sunday night!! It looks so cute ☺ Will send a post soon

  2. WOW
    Beautiful progress.
    I look forward to see the Christmas look.
    Happy xxx ciao Giovanna

  3. Very nice progress on this cute little man.
    Have fun in Wales!

    1. Thank you Brigitte! We had a lovely time in Wales, it was great to see the family...

  4. Cute! I plan on starting mine tomorrow - your buttons sound so cute, can't wait to see them :)

  5. It's wonderful!))
    I'm also want to do them)

  6. very beautiful, love the colors

  7. Hello

    I'm doing this one too though not as part of the SAL. It's nice to see how you are getting on!

  8. wowww so sweet..
    lovely progress..
    happy stithcing xx

  9. Your gingerbreadman looks very fine already! I'm curious about the buttons.

  10. Qué original! y divertido,me gusta.

  11. Beautiful progress! I definitely know what you mean about Downton Abbey - it's incredibly distracting, isn't it? :D

  12. I really like those gingers! :D Cute!

  13. Your gingerbread man currently looks like a gingerbread lady in a skirt! :D Such a cute SAL!

  14. I have never seen an ornamentfinished to the ginerbread man shape.He is so handsome !!!
    I especially like the soft brown tones of it ..
    Thank You for visiting my blog ! :)

  15. Cute little gingerbread man.Looks like a fun stitch

  16. Love your Gingerbread, it is very cute!

  17. Absolutely adorable. What a fun project to work on.

  18. this is absolutely gorgeous =)
    great progress on your gingerbread little man, maybe you've finished him by now =D
    Can't wait to see the whole piece =)
    happy stitching

  19. The gingerbread man is so cute! Great job.


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