SAL | Sweet Treats - The stash

I've received the stash for the Sweat Treats SAL today
I have not been adventurous and decided to keep the same
fabric, threads and beads as from the initial design
However, I have a different idea for the finishing...
I know I currently have 2 WIP on the go...
But I'm sure these little cutties won't take too long!!

| Happy Stitching! |

Ca y est, je suis équipée pour mon SAL!
Livraison plus que rapide - la commande a été placée hier - ☺
J'ai gardé les même références que celles conseillées sur la grille originale
Par contre, j'ai une autre idée pour la finition...
A suivre...


  1. lovely stash..
    happy stitching xx

  2. Lovely stash - looking forward to seeing you stitch these gorgeous designs.

  3. Great stash, this SAL looks great!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    This looks like it will be a really fun SAL. Those gingerbread men are just the cutest!

  5. Thanks for the visit. I had to return the favor! The stash is very pretty and I look forward to seeing what it turns out to be!

  6. Lovely stash indeed !
    can't wait to see how you'll finish them =)
    Happy stitching

  7. This looks like it's going to be alot of fun to do! Love the colors and the homey, cheery feel of ginerbread.


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