Tusal | Sep 2012 & other...

It is Tusal time again!
This month I have stitched a lot and it is finally showing on my ORT jar
(also the fact that my son didn't put his hand in it to squash all the threads down!)
Bits of my Gorjuss kit, Mimi the kitty, Close to You and
the various little xmas kits I finally got round to work on....

C'est de nouveau l'heure du Tusal
Enfin, après tous ces efforts à broder sur Gorjus,
Mimi le chaton et plusieurs petits kits pour mes cartes de Noël,
on voit enfin un résultat sur mon pot!

I've also framed my finished Gorjuss work
A plain white frame from Ikea & little heart ribbons were enough to finish her off
She'll soon be on her way to her new home in France!
Au revoir... 

Ce weekend j'ai aussi mis Gorjuss sous cadre
Tout simple blanc de chez Ikea avec des rubans d'une farandole de petits coeurs multicolores
ont suffit pour la mêtre en valeur...
Elle va bientôt partir pour la France dans sa nouvelle maison!
Au revoir...

Check out my next post for an other giveaway!!!
| Happy Stitching! |

Restez branché et surveillez mon prochain message,
petit cadeau sympa à gagner!!!


  1. lovely orts and sweet stitching x

  2. The frame really compliments it. What do you do with all of those left over threads? If you don't mind me asking that is.

    1. I've organised a giveaway for all of these. The result was Saturday and Nurdan won it ☺

  3. Sorry, I meant the ones that were in the jar. As I've never heard of Tusal before.

    1. Ooops, sorry Emma! The one in the jar? Well, I'm not too sure yet! This is my first year into the Totally Useless Stitch A Long from DaffyCat so we'll see!! Have a look on Daffy's website, there are all the info about TUSAL (it's the icon with the moving little cow ☺), Mii x

  4. Gorjuss is so cute!! Great finish! And I love the frame!

  5. Hi Mii,

    I came to inform you that in my last post, I arranged a list for some blogs including yours as "blogs worth a visit", and I saw Peskir and has already become your follower! Your blog may get some other hits from other bloggers among my followers too!

    I did it without your permission - sorry if I did wrong!

    All my very best!

    1. No worries! I noticed this when I looked at yours!! ☺
      Thank you, it means more new friends!!!

  6. Your embroidery is very nice.
    C'est magnifique. Brava :)
    ciao Giovanna


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