SAL suggestions

I am thinking of starting a new SAL
- I know, any excuses to start a new project!! -
I want to choose something that will appeal
to everyone and also be fun to stitch too!
The deadline could be mid 2013...
We could choose a versatile design so we
could be adventurous with the finish too... (well some of us!)
So I am opened to any design suggestions!
- With the exception of a HEAD design -
(I think they would be too long for a SAL)
So if you think this is a great idea,
please please please leave a comment
with your design suggestions
Time to put your thinking caps on

Idea Update:

Petits Bonheurs - Madame la Fée
| Happy Stitching! |



  1. Great idea! I will put my thinking cap on.

  2. I like the idea and did you know it's international cross stitch day today so perfect timing for the question. As Kaisievic said time for the thinking cap.

  3. Great idea, I'm thinking of starting a Jardin Privé Patchwork Series SAL, take a look at the designer webpage here:

    1. Zora, thanks for your comment.
      Your idea of the Jardin Privé season patchworks is brilliant!!! However, this is your SAL idea, I wouldn't pinch it ☺ I might join the SAL though

    2. I like the London one they have Zora.

    3. JP has wonderful patterns, I love them all, we have a Christmas SAL right now from Natalie. And what about a Tralala for example Floralie SAL or Mansion SAL? :) This pattern looks great but for me it is a bit too detailed. Emma the London pattern looks great as well, but it is still too huge nowadays for me :)))

  4. How about Petits Bonheurs from Madame La Fée? It's not to big and quite colourful! I could buy the chart & for those interested to join the SAL you would have to email me for the rest...

  5. Hello it's so nice the pattern you've chosen. It's on my wish list, actually. I don't know if I have time enough to begin a new project. But I can think about it. As you know, I'm hosting the Vanity SAL. Then I'm planning an other SAL asked by some friends of mine, about a Veronique Enginger's old pattern, called Viva la Pasta. Then the Mystery Sal and the Medieval Enchantment Sal by Passione Ricamo. Then SWAPs, Xstmas, UFOs and more ...
    Anyway, you tempted me so much ...

    1. Hi Fiore, this is just an idea at the moment. I like Petits Bonheurs but if nobody is interested, I might just give up on the SAL idea. If it goes ahead, I will definitively post something about it. I don't plan on starting this just yet... Maybe in a few months time?
      Like you, time is precious when stitching, I have all my WIPs, a SAL and plenty of UFOs and vast quantities of UNstarted kits too...

  6. Mii, I've seen a few nice charts on here as well

  7. Sorry for the late comment :(
    I think it is a great idea. The pattern looks gorgeous I really loved it!

    Happy stitching :)

  8. SALs are a lot of fun. I'm starting Alesandra Adelaide's Leaf January 1st with a whole bunch of my stitching friends!

  9. Oh my! U are like a stitching machine! Gorgeous SAL by the way.


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