SAL Sweet Treats | Finished 1

I've finished the first of my Sweet Treats!!
I dare share it with you even though
I am sooo not happy with the finish
Sadly, I did not managed to finish it with the stuffing
because I happen to be useless...
- You could say I was huffing and puffing and was really getting frustrated -
Bear in mind, I'm a very organised methodic person who likes things to be done the right way
Why can't I do a beautiful finish like the one showing on the magazine???
They look so cute and innocent!!
So, after several deep breaths, I decided to use red felt for the back
The finishing is pretty awful (especially around his neck)
I'm hoping that once in the tree or on the wall, nobody will noticed ☺
Let's hope I do slightly better with the next one
| Happy Stitching! |
Voila le premier petit bonhomme terminé!!
J'ai vraiment honte de le partager avec vous tous
Désastre total - j'ai été incapable de le finir comme dans le magasine!!!
C'est pas juste, ils sont adorables & ont l'air innocent...
Bref, j'ai opté pour un dos de feutrine rouge et un petit ruban vert
Ne regardez pas autour du coup, c'est l'horreur
J'espère que dans le sapin, personne ne remarquera la finition ☺
Encore 2 autres à faire, je ne peux que m'améliorer!


  1. I love him just the way her is.. He will hang very nicely on the tree....

  2. I think you did a fine job, it looks good enough to eat:-)

    1. Thank you Minnie!! I'll have to bake some nearer the time I think ☺

  3. He is very cute and there is no rule that says you have to finish it the same way!

  4. It looks adorable! I loved its buttons - they are so cute :)
    Very well done!

    Happy stitching :)

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwwww he is so cute..
    well done xxx

  6. Your gingerbreadman is so cute!

  7. I think he turned out beautifully! Don't worry, I don't think anyone can get them looking the way the magazines do.

  8. Pues a mí me gusta, quedará bonito en tu árbol. ^ ^

  9. I think it looks fab!!!!! Great job !


  10. I think your little gingerbread man is adorable, he looks such a cute guy. Well done.

  11. Buttons very cute!!
    i like him))

  12. is adorable, is tender .... I like it.
    ciao Giovanna

  13. moi, je le trouve SUPERBE =D
    il est très réussi, bravo
    les choses en photos sont toujours presque impossible à refaire =D
    great job =D

  14. It looks great - wait until you see mine!

  15. Thank you all!! I'm amazed you think he is cute!!! I just see some of your work & mine looks really amateurish ☺ I appreciate all your lovely comments & it sure keeps me motivated for the next one, Mii xx

  16. That looks absolutely great!

  17. I think he looks great!

    Don't be so hard on yourself, I am the same way with my finishing and I am learning to just go with it and not try to be a perfectionist. :)

    You did a great job!

  18. Hello

    Your gingerbread man is lovely!
    I've just finished mine too.

    1. Thanks Annie! I've just seen yours too, he looks lovely ☺

  19. It's good enough to eat :) Really I'd love to have him hangin on my tree. Super job <3

  20. tu es bien difficile avec toi....Je le trouve vraiment super.....tu sais, il ne faut pas se fier au photos des magasines......c'est comme pour les jolies filles, elles sont retouché
    Allez, je suis sûre que tu va être fière de toi pour les 2 suivants.

    1. Oui, c'est ce que tout le monde m'a dit!! Tu sais, la bonne finition & l'oeil pour les détails, tu devines de qui on retient!!! Bizoo ☺

  21. The truth to say,firstly I noticed the pretty buttons...I think it happened ,because I know the little Man,I take part in the sal,too.I just started one "guy"today.:)
    I think there is nothing wrong around his neck...Nobody is perfect...Neither Gingerbreads.:D
    Very cute.:)

  22. Ahh, I love the little peppermint buttons! Your finish is adorable!

  23. oooh il est trop mignon ti biscuit ^^ ton blog est superbe :)
    ta cousine lulu ^^


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