Swiss Cottage

Finally the weekend!
I am quite looking forward to this one
as it should be a quiet-ish one

A few years ago I started working on
Swiss Cottage from The Craft Collection Ltd.
- 14 count on white Aida fabric -
This was meant to be a present for my mum.

With my son's arrival, I had no time for stitching & put if away...
Now, my mum knows all about my blog and my latest stitching projects
and she lovingly reminded me about this UFO!!!
So, I've decided to include it into my WIP's rotation
So I will be working on this cute little cottage this week
This is how I left it many many moons ago... ☺
I guess, it's time for some little xx

| Happy Stitching! |

Il y a plusieurs années j'avais commencé ce petit chalet Suisse.
Avec l'arrivée de mon garçon, je n'ai plus eu le temps de broder,
donc le projet a été ignoré.
Ce devait être un cadeau pour ma maman.
La pauvre, elle est au courant de tous mes derniers projets et m'a 
gentillement rappelé qu'elle attendait toujours son petit chalet!!
Donc, il est maintenant inclu dans ma rotation de WIPs
Je vous laisse, il faut que je m'y mettre
Bon weekend ☺


  1. It is a hard and wonderful work! Looks stunning!
    I just loved it!
    Happy weekend!

  2. your cottage is looking beautiful, Mii! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. No wonder your mum gave you a gentle reminder - I would love to have this also - very pretty!

    1. Thank you, I'm actually quite looking forward to work on it.. although this weekend I had very little time...

  4. wowwwwwwwwwww so pretty xxx

  5. Swiss cottage is a very lovely design to be working on.

  6. Love it! Can't wait to see your progress on this one.

  7. Wspaniały obrazek! Świetnie, ze udało ci się go skończyć! Pozdrawiam!:)

  8. Oh, that's a fantastic project and if I were your mom I'd like you to continue stitching on it as well, lol.

    1. Awww thanks Brigitte! My mum will be thrilled when she'll find out the support she's got ☺

  9. Fantastic design! I love it :)

  10. Ciao
    it is a beautiful cottage
    I think that you will satisfy your mom and start to embroider it

  11. what a wonderful WIP and fantastic you've pulled out a UFO!!!

  12. Lovely project to bring into the rotation. I think it has been neglected for too long!

  13. Ah, this is quite a cute WIP! I love the lil' checkered curtains! Good job, Mii-Mom for getting this out of UFO status! :D

    1. She would love your comment Rosey!!

  14. What a beautifull project!!
    The picture reminds me the vacation we had at Austria when I was ten years old.
    The amazing scenery every where ,hills,cottages and sweet beige coloured cows really were all awesome to see !!
    And of course all the beautifull flowers on the high mountains...
    You are a sweet person to stitch it for Your mother and she will be very happy ,happy!!! :) :)

    1. Thank you for your kind message! I reminded me of a trip to the Alps when I was younger... The scenery was fantastic!

  15. The Swiss Cottage is very cute! I am looking forward to seeing more :)

  16. Replies
    1. Thanks Isabella!! Trying to stay positive that I won't get bored with it ☺

  17. Qué preciosidad de cuadros!

  18. it reminds me my own mother , who told me I was always stitching for others and never for her =D
    there are lot's of stitches to do, but it will be a lovely piece, and the WIP is already cute and well done
    happy stitching
    big hugs

  19. It will be wonderful.:)
    There is to do...but you will do it.:)

  20. Voilà 8 ans qu'elle attend.....pauvre Roselyne..... lol
    Je te mets un lien où il y a des modèle bébé à téléchagés...
    Pour faire profiter tes amies brodeuses.... :)


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