Still 8 days to go!!!

I thought you'd like to have a little update about Mii's Valentine Giveaway
There has been a great response for these little boxes!
So far, 24 of you have entered Box A and 19 Box B...
If you have not made your mind yet, there is still time to enter
Just click on the Giveaway pic on the right
Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Source: Internet
Juste un petit message pour vous tenir informé des progrès sur mon Giveaway
Jusqu'à présent j'ai 24 participantes pour la boite A et 19 pour la B!!!
Vous pouvez encore participer, cliquez sur le lien à droite
A tout à l'heure!


  1. Thanks for the reminder note!
    You have found a lovely postcard too!

  2. a very beautiful picture indeed

  3. Who will be the lucky winner??? :)


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