On Top of the World

Apologies, it has been a little while since my last post
Life has been hectic this past week
Last weekend was really tiring with the end of season rugby tour
I sadly had no time for stitching at all!!
The tour was a success and our boys won their U9 festival!!
Use this link to see a pic of the winning team!
Now back to working long days for a few weeks,
so I'll only be able to stitch a few hours on the evening
I'm still working on my little Gorjuss, On top of the world
Pic to follow when more progress to show!

Happy Stitching!
Mii x
Milles excuses pour mon absence prolongée
Plein de choses à faire & très peu de temps disponible!
Nos garçons ont gagné leur tournoi durant le weekend
Ceci malgré une nuit courte & de nouvelles règles de jeu
pratiquées pendant une session d'entrainement!
Petite photo pour les intéressés, suive le lien ci-dessus
Je travaille de nouveau sur Gorjuss
Quelques photos suivront lorsque j'aurais plus avancé
A tout à l'heure...


  1. We miss you! Looking forward to seeing your progress :D

  2. Hi Mii! Such a great 'team picture' :D
    Good luck with your long days and your stitching of course!!

    Love, Daphne

    1. Thanks Daphne! Nice of you to check out the team pic!
      As you can see, they were well happy :D My son is at the bottom on the left

  3. Glad to see you. sometimes life does need attention!

    1. I totally agree!!!
      We're starting to catch up & things are slowly getting back to normal.
      I think by this weekend we'll be back to the old routine :D
      Little one is still knackered despite his early nights!

  4. I'm happy you still here! Started to miss you.

    1. Thank you! You won't get rid of me that easily!! :D
      We're catching up now & after this weekend the rugby season will be finished... So we'll have our weekends back to ourselves :D x

  5. Sometimes life is so busy that we really do not have time to stitch.
    I love the verse " My day has not been complite before my floss and needle meet "
    -It is so true !

    If I have some days withhout my little stitching time really start to miss my
    WIP.s :)

    The Gorjuss kits are one of my favourites -have you seen the new ones in Sew and So ?

    1. Yes, I agree! I missed my stitching time so much last weekend!!!
      Yeah, I've seen the latest Gorjuss releases, aren't they sweet??
      I think one of them might end up in my stash box... ooops! :D

  6. Glad to see you..big hugs x

  7. Preciosa la muñeca de punto de cruz,pronto la terminas!

    1. Thanks Sara, my little Gorjuss girl is progressing nicely.
      I hope to finishing her during the next week!

  8. Congrats to the winning team! Hope you are able to get in some stitching time for yourself.

    1. Thank you, you're a darling!
      Don't worry, first thing Monday evening after all the daily chores were done, I sat on my comfy sofa & stitched on Gorjuss!! :D
      Honest, I was starting to suffer of stitching withdrawals :D

  9. Don't work to hard, looking forward to seeing your next stitching, hugs.

  10. don't apologise sweetie, the most important thing is that you're ok
    even if I must admit I'm very impatient to see some of your stitches hehehehe
    big hugs

    1. Thanks Valma! I was quite annoyed that I couldn't stitch at the weekend!
      This is usually my me time, relaxing time...
      I'm making up for it now & just wait for Saturday... it will be non stop stitching!!! :D
      Well, after the house chores of course :(


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