Secret stitching...

This is so frustrating!!!
So much to show, but it is all secret stitching...
I have plenty of stitching done for the
Halloween Ornament Exchange organized by Kim.
Sadly, I cannot yet share it with you all... yet!
I have been so busy and my package is nearly ready for "despatch"
I am also about to start on my
Christmas Biscornu Swap piece soon
So again, won't be able to show you my finish until much much later!
There is still plenty of time for more participants to join the fun.
Please read my previous post & leave a message if you wish to take part.
We have 13 biscornu makers so far :)
Then I plan on starting the
6 Fat Men Flip-It collection from Lizzie Kate
I have my fabric and all the charts ready.
I just need to check on any missing threads.
Progress will be shared as I go along...
So apologies for the lack of posts in the coming few days
but all my current projects are secret...
I will still be reading your lovely blogs,


  1. I understand completely what you are going through here, as I am in the same spot. Not a lot to show presently. :) Have a super day!

  2. Oh,top secret!mais tu es bien tôt.....Quoique c'est des saisons charmante automne et Noël.
    Ta future broderie est merveilleuse ,j'aurais bien aimé la réaliser,elle me plaît de belle lurette.
    Donc je te souhaite des aiguilles turbo.

  3. Wonderful new project.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. Surely you create pretties :)

  5. Good luck with your project plans!! Looking forward to see all of them come live with your needle n thread:)

  6. New project from Lizzi Kate I like, I look forward to:-))

  7. un bien joli projet
    belle soirée

  8. Oooh, the suspense! I love secret stitching :D Hope it's going well!

  9. J'ai hâte de découvrir ce que tu as concocté pour l'échange Halloween, , je ne doute pas que tu aies eu beaucoup d'idées, les bonhommes de neige sont superbes, un chouette projet bonne continuation

  10. You have updated many times your blog while I was on vacation.
    I have now read all of them and I must say that you've done many wonderful stitching. This LK chart is cheerful and I am looking forward to seeing how it grows. Happy autumn to you!

  11. I have been away from the computer since my last post and today I have seen how many posts I have missed on your blog. So I don't mind not seeing any stitching here - I still have a couple more posts from you to look for your stitched pieces, lol.

  12. So many stitchers secretly stitching away this time of year.


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