Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stash frenzy!

Hello peeps!

It is with absolutely no shame whatsoever that I'm going to show you my latest stash additions.
You may find the following post disturbing, sensitive people please turn away NOW.


The first lot was my Mother's Day gifts from tadpole & hubby.
Direct from 123 stitch in the USA for which I had to wait a loooong time as there was an issue with the Customs fee which had to be paid before delivery...

Yes, you are seeing right!
I am now the proud owner of various samplers. This is a very first for me because I never used to like them but let's just say that I would like to try something new

Of course, any new stash has to include one of my favourite designer: Lizzie Kate!


Latest purchases are following today's trip to Betty Stitchkit shop.
I have discovered this place thanks to the issue 215 of TWOCS magazine,
Sharon & Mark have indeed won an award for best retailer in the West Midlands
As I had never heard of this place & it happened to be at a reasonable car drive away, I had to go!!
Wow!! This was cross stitch heaven and I really had to stop myself spending more money :P

They also provide framing service which will come in handy for Mummy Mii's project

So yes, it had to be a Lizzie Kate spending spree...

With some of the monthly stamps I was missing,
and a few Christmas must haves...

and one of my winter favourites: the 6 Fat Men collection!!!
I'm so so happy to finally have them all and really can't wait to start stitching away on these this winter.
I also bought some Permin fabric for this and the shop owner, Sharon, also kindly gave me the border that she had already printed from the Lizzie Kate website :)

Finally, despite me forgetting to take a snap shot, I also bought specialist variegated threads to kit up
Cross Stitcher in Residence from Lizzie Kate
& the Brownbird Sampler from Bent Creek

That's all Folks!

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Winnings galore...

I have been really lucky recently and won a giveaway organised by
June at Butterfly Wings

Now, I've decided to dedicate a special post about this.
You see, June has been a little tease (in a nice way of course!)
and decided to send my gifts spread over 4 months :)

It was a brilliant idea, I had something to look forward to every month.
We all know how talented June is, so it was promising to be the best giveaway ever
Going back a few months ago, here is what I received in my first parcel in February
It was all lovingly packed with tissue paper & ribbons & cute labels
June knows I have that little thing for owls so thoughtfully sent me the cutest handmade owl card
and plenty of owl-y things like fabric, ribbon & buttons
She also included a scented sachet of peonies & freesias
Peonies happen to be my favourite blooms!


The second envelope arrived early March and was just as exciting!
We are still carrying on the Owls theme with the cutest picture frame, a wooden keyring, an awesome packet of paper tissues with owls printed on them...
I told June, these are so sweet, there is no way I'm going to use them!
There also was some tiny beads of the loveliest colour and a foldable shopping bag.



The fun carried on in April when my third package arrived before Easter!
More owly surprises :)
A canvas bag, some strawberry lip balm (in the cute little owl) and a block note.
I had to show you the beautiful handmade tag too and the card


The envelope number four arrived yesterday, so I really didn't have to wait long!
To me, it was the best because it contained a handmade gift made by June.
I was really looking forward to find out what it would be.... tada!
An adorable Easter card, a very pretty note book with the softest colours, some ribbon
and.... a little owl cushion!!!

This is so cute!
I love it... the colours, the finish (with mohair) and the personalised touch with the little wooden tag
I can't stop admiring it :D
Thank you so much June for all these beautiful gifts, I have been so spoiled
and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.
Sending BIG hugs your way xxx
Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easter Egg Change

With Easter around the corner,
I think it's time to share with you my Egg Change!


Here is my stitched piece sent to Valérie.

A simple & colourful Easter Needleroll design from Easter Blessings of Lizzie Kate

White 28ct Brittney evenweave,
stitched 2 over 2 with all
DMC preconized colours
- Except for the hearts, which I changed for a more vibrant colour -

The needleroll finish was an absolute first!
I used the instructions from the perfect tutorial at Focus on finishing

Oooh I so wished I could have kept this piece!!!

A bit of pink ribbon, a little butterfly "button" for the "i" of Spring
and voila...

Oops! Sadly we can see the pink thread through...

Also enclosed in my parcel were chocolates, of course!
and other bits & pieces


I understand Valérie is happy with her Eastery gifts,
I certainly had fun putting them all together


Here is what I've received from Judith in Germany.

Sadly Judith hasn't got a blog, but nonetheless, is a talented lady
Look at this cute little pincushion!

Also included were some wooden bunny ornaments

Chocolates, a Easter themed Rico Designs book full of lovely charts
and some hen wooden pegs

Thank you Judith, I am really happy with your gifts :)
The Easter Egg Change is now fully on its way,
I can't wait to see what you all have received / will be receiving!
Should you wish to join the Gorjuss exchange,
please view my previous page
Happy Stitching,

Monday, 7 April 2014

Gorjuss exchange anyone??

Source: Santoro

I have seen the latest release of the various Gorjuss girls and
I have once again fallen head over heels for these cuties!
So, to satisfy my latest craze I thought about a Gorjuss Exchange
Have an active blog
Once you've decided to join, cancellation will not be accepted
Post your items on time for the swap date
Exchange items
♥ Cross stitch piece ♥
1 genuine Gorjuss girl from the official designs at Bothy Threads
- finished off any way you like, so unleash your creativity! -
♥ merchandising items ♥
Include 2 genuine Gorjuss goodies
- any ones you like to suit your budget, the list is endless!! -
I must insist on the GENUINE items, as there are so many copies out there
I understand this swap could be a bit pricey, so if you don't intend to complete, please don't join.
Want to join this exchange?
Leave a comment on this post only, confirming your participation
And also specifying which is your favourite girl ♥
Last date to join the exchange: 1st May 2014
Exchange date: 1st July 2014
I will get in touch with all participants in June,
so please make sure you leave an email address so that I can contact you
Happy Stitching!
Source: Facebook

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sheep in the meadow - Country Cottage Needleworks

First, place a little house in a field,

then add colourful daisies dancing in the wind,

and finally place a flock of sheep running around in the field,
there you have it, a very pretty Spring design!

Sheep in the Meadow from CCN

 Stitched on 28 count Zweigart Brittney evenweave
The fabric was originally white

I ventured again into something new and dyed it with tea
(Tetley Earl Grey & Vanilla, please!)
I was really pleased with my first attempt and
think it is perfect for this design

I used all DMC equivalent colours listed on the instructions
Stitched 2 over 2

 Finished as a cushion

- Of course, I wouldn't want to neglect the ECM!! -
ECM = European Cushion Mountain

using a perfect matching fabric from Rico Designs
and white lace


Happy Stitching!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter Blessings - Lizzie Kate

This is a little post to show you what I sent to Jacquie.
She was the winner of my Easter Surprise Giveaway!
I chose an Easter Bunny
from one of the 3 charts available in
Easter Blessings from Lizzie Kate

Stitched it on a light blue 32ct Brittney evenweave fabric
Using all preconized DMC colours, 2 over 2
Check out this yummy looking Easter egg!

I finished it off as a little cushion
with some matching polka dot fabric, trim and a colourful button

Also included were Easter chocolates and other bits & bobs that you can see on Jacquie's post here
and of course the generously donated surprise gift from


Do you want to know what it was????

 The lovely kit, Row of Cats, from Bothy Threads!

Sneak peek...
Hope you liked your gifts Jacquie,
I certainly had fun putting all this together!
Again a HUGE thank you to Seek It Out for offering a wonderful gift for the giveaway

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

April Showers Mouse - Lucie Heaton

Looking through my latest TWOCS magazine (issue 215),
I found another adorable Furry Tales design from Lucie Heaton
I finished one of these before, you can read all about it here
This new one is called April Showers Mouse
So appropriate for our great British weather, don't you think?
Of course, I decided to work on it straight away...

April Showers Mouse from Lucie Heaton,
available in TWOCS magazine, issue 215.

Cross stitched on cream 14 count Zweigart aida fabric,
using all preconized DMC thread colours

Being such a small design,
I thought it would be perfect for a pincushion.
So I rummaged through my stash and found
a very pretty patchwork fabric
Here it is finished
This is adorable, don't you think?
Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Stamp - Lizzie Kate | And a Winner...

Hello dear stitching friends!
Would you believe it, April is already here!
It will soon be time for Easter and those yummy chocolates :P


I finally have some cross stitch finish that I can show you! 
Now, as it is the first day of the month, it is Lizzie Kate Stamp time

Here is my latest April Stamp

April Stamp design from Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 28ct green cloud evenweave
(purchased last year at a craft fair and I sadly have no idea who it's from)
2 over 2, using all preconized DMC colours


Finished as a little needlebook!
- This was a first for me -
It's so simple, I'll definitely make some more in future

I used buttons, ribbons, batting, Tilda fabric, pink felt and a few pins
And voila...


What do you think?
I would say it's not bad for a first attempt, wouldn't you?



Do you remember my Easter Surprise Giveaway?

Yes, you must do, I've been on about it for the past few weeks!!

Well it's now time to announce the winner

This morning I put all the participants names in a pottery piece,
mixed all the names and randomly picked one...


And the winner is...
JACQUIE from My Journey
Congratulations sweetie!
I believe I already have your address,
(thanks to the lovely RAK blog we are now belonging to)
so just keep an eye on your letterbox ☺

Many thanks to all of you (And my, there were a lot of YOU!)
who have kindly taken parts and joined the fun,
I truly wish I could offer you all a little something.
Sadly I still haven't won the Lottery jackpot...


Ohmygod ohmygod!!!
Have you seen one of the latest Gorjuss kit??
This is so so so cute, I'm falling in love again!

Source: Bothy Threads - Gorjuss Ladybird

Happy Stitching!