Winner & other...


Hello Peeps!
Is the sun shining too in your part of the world?

Apologies as this is going to be a boring post from me.
No photo & stitching to show you for now but
plenty to let you know!!


First of all, time to announce the winner of the chart/floss
Comfort from LHN

10 of you were eligible to take part, as you are follower!
Thank you all for kindly taking part in this little giveaway.

I have allocated a number against each of you and went on the
random number little gadget.

Number 9 was selected,
which is Sally!

Please email me your address and I'll send you the chart asap.


Registration to the
Stitched Envelope Swap
is now closed.

We have 13 lovely ladies (myself included) from all over the world
who will be taking part.

I will email you all soon.
Please bear with me as things have became a tad crazy at the moment!

Alice in Wonderland from Bothy Threads is still growing nicely and I WILL
share my progress with you all soon.


I'm sending my apologies to the participants of the JEC Sal that I'm hosting.
I am sadly falling behind with this and I'm really sorry.

Let's just say I am no longer in love with the designs
- probably way to much new stash tempting me! -

So, I will not be stitching the remaining months for now.
I might go back to a few of them later in the year but for now it is on hold from me.

Please do feel free to carry on with this Sal if you want to,
I'll definitely be admiring your lovely work!

I put my hands up for I'm a very bad host.


Right, that's all from me for today,


  1. I will be cheering you all on..

    1. Thank you! It's promising to be a lovely mail art exchange :)

  2. Congrats to Sally!
    We all understand how tempting new stash can be...just enjoy whatever you're working on!

  3. You sure have a lot going on! I am still grateful for the JEC poodle you stitched me. She is still on display. :)

    1. You're welcome!! I really enjoyed stitching that one.. probably because I knew it would be a gift and make someone really happy :)
      Glad it is still on display!!

  4. The sun is definitely shining in our part of the world, and suddenly, trees full of life! :D

    Just enjoy your stitching, no fun when you're forcing yourself along~

    1. Thanks! I agree with you but feel bad for not keeping up with my good intentions :(

  5. Congratulations Sally!
    Enjoy it together with the SAL!
    I will follow your common work :-)))

  6. Congratulation to Sally.
    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Congrats Sally!

    Sometimes those patterns just stop wanting to be stitched don't they? Have fun with whatever is screaming to be worked on. After all it's supposed to be a hobby so enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Katie!
      It's amazing, I've been looking through some of my older stash & thought, why did I ever bought that thing, I'll never stitch it?? Strange how taste can change with time!

  8. I think we're all behind but it's ok :) Just work on it if you ever feel like it x

    1. Thanks sweetie!!
      I really like Oct, Nov & Dec, so I might try to stitch these later on in the year :)

  9. Congratulations Sally!
    I'm so glad you said that about the SAL. I am also a bit "out of love" with the designs at the moment. I think I am just going to opt out and say I might go back to them as you may too, but for the moment I won't be keeping up.

    1. So glad I'm not the only one feeling like this with the SAL!! :D Appeared to be a good idea at the time but now I have no wish to stitch these...
      Blame it on all the stash I bought during our meeting :D
      Just stitch what you want sweetie... I know what it will be: Alice & the dodo!! x

  10. Will be eagerly waiting for your Alice update. Congrats to Sally:)

  11. Replies
    1. Merci Christel d'avoir participé!!
      Bonne journée

  12. Thank you so much Mii! I am so excited :) Email has been sent.

    1. Congrats Sally!
      Enjoy stitching this cutie :)

  13. Congratz ladies!!
    Life is busy, take your time!
    Enjoy your week


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