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Close To You - Maia | Apr 2016 Update

Hello Peeps!
Time for my mid-month update on the Faithful April challenge set up by Justine

A quick reminder This is what the finished design should look like

This is where I was when I started the challenge The project had been left untouched since Nov 2014.

This is where I am now, half way through the challenge

I am happy with my progress.
I was really looking forward to working again on this design as
the bright colours really appeal to me.

I did struggle with the green leaf on the right,
it was never ending! Hues of green for days on end! 
My plan was to finish all the right side of the design during the first half of the month, so that I could focus on the left side for the remainder of April.
Unfortunately, I am not quite there yet, which is in honesty what
I am not pleased about. I must be a slow stitcher!
Better get back to it then...
Toodles, Mii